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Japanese knotweed Guidance for Professional Valuers and Surveyors

Following the release of RICS Professional Standard titled: ‘Japanese knotweed and Residential Property‘; the PCA has published supporting guidance on Japanese knotweed surveys and management strategies for professional valuers and surveyors.

This guidance is specifically designed to support the new RICS Professional Standard and to help property valuers and surveyors understand:

  • How to recognise the presence of Japanese Knotweed
  • the challenges of detecting & identifying Japanese knotweed;
  • the benefits of long-term guarantees underwritten by
  • appropriate insurance.

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Key points from the Japanese Knotweed guidance

  • Supports the RICS Professional Standard “Japanese knotweed and Residential Property 2022”
  • Covers all aspects of knotweed surveys and examples of the RICS Management Categories
  • Provides advice on Japanese Knotweed Management plans/options – the pros and cons
  • Ensures that Valuation surveyors can assess documentation provided by vendors
  • Signposts to other supporting documents in the PCA’s Invasive Weed Document library

CPD Video - New Japanese Knotweed Guidance - how does it change the way we access risk?

Thinking you would rather watch and listening to what the changes are about?  If so, click to watch the CPD video where we look at what exactly has changed and how this impacts surveyors and other property and construction professinals.

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