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Types of Waterproofing - A,B & C

British standards BS8102 2022 sets out three types of structural waterproofing protection that could be used to control water ingress entering into underground structures. 

  1. Type A - barrier
  2. Type B - Structurally integral 
  3. Typc C - Drained 

These can be used in isolation or as a combination of systems depending on the determined risk. This section will look at each in more detail. 

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Type A Waterproofing

Historically known as “Tanking”, type A waterproofing provides protection (a barrier) against groundwater ingress by applying a waterproof material (such as cement) to the internal or external walls and floor slab of a basement or underground structure forming a barrier between the structure and any groundwater present.

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Type B Waterproofing

Type B protection is where the structure itself is constructed as an integral water resistant shell. This relies heavily on the design and materials incorporated into the external shell of the structure, as well as the quality of the workmanship contributes to the success of Type B Systems.

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Type C Waterproofing

Type C protection has become the most common form of waterproofing system used in retrofit, existing basements and within new build basements. It allows moisture or running water to penetrate through the external wall or floor of the structure and to travel behind a cavity wall membrane to a drainage system and sump pump/pumping station.

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More about what BS8102 says about waterproofing

For those looking to find out in more depth what British Standard 8102:2022 says in relation to the methods used for waterproofing, visit our BS8102 webpage for key insights, takeaways and to download the document

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Additional technical documents you can view

For those interested, there is a variety of structural waterproofing related 'Codes of Practice', Technical Documents, Guidance Notes via our Technical Document Library.  Simply click on the button below to view the library.  Documents of interest include:

  • Code of Practice for Waterproofing of Existing Below Ground Structures
  • Insulation in Basements guidance note
  • Best Practice Guidance: Continuity of Waterproofing Systems
  • Best Practice Guidance: Podium Decks and Buried Roofs

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For those interested in learning more about structural waterproofing and BS8102 requirements; there is a variety of PCA training options for surveying professionals as well as technical/trade professionals. 

Use the search tool below to find available waterproofing related training courses or simply go to our training & qualifications section.  Alternatively, if you want to chat to someone, contract our training team on 01480 400 000 or contact them online.

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Guidance and information regarding structural waterproofing for professional construction or property specialists

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For expert advice on effective waterproofing design, click below for more info:

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