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Waterproofing systems should be designed by a Waterproofing Design Specialist who can demonstrate that they have a suitable level of knowledge for designing waterproofing systems.  In theory, this could be anybody who is able to provide expertise in structural waterproofing. To help Identify those that have the appropriate skills and knowledge the PCA has a Waterproofing Design Register. The ability to easily identify and engage a waterproofing design specialist will allow the design team to conform to the recommendation set out so clearly in BS8102:2022.

Identifying those that have the appropriate skills and knowledge from those who don’t is the reason the PCA has a to help professionals find the expertise they need.

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Why a waterproofing design specialist is NOW needed?

In the past, waterproofing design was traditionally the role of the architect. However, the vast majority of architects will readily acknowledge that they do not have the training or expertise to undertake this function.

To ensure a better level of consideration towards robust waterproofing design for below ground structures, since the launch of British standard 8102:2009 for the ‘Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water from the Ground’, it recommends that every building that needs consideration towards waterproofing incorporate a waterproofing design specialist.

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What does BS8102 say regarding waterproofing design?

This is set out in section 4.2 of BS 8102:2009 under the heading “Design Team”. The BS 8102 states:-

“A waterproofing specialist should be included as part of the design team so that an integrated waterproofing solution is created. The waterproofing specialist should:-

a) be suitably experienced;
b) be capable of devising solutions that accommodate the various project constraints and needs;
c) provide the design team with information and guidance that assists with and influences the design, installation and future maintenance of the waterproofed structure.”

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Some key consideration towards waterproofing design

  • As a general rule, design and construction should be kept as simple as possible. Consulting relevant waterproofing specialists as early as possible and working through details sequentially will help to avoid unbuildable details on site. 
  • All floors, ceilings and walls below external ground level including the junctions between them, should be designed to resist the passage of water and moisture to the internal surface. The level of protection against water and moisture reaching the internal surfaces should be appropriate for the proposed use. 
  • Habitable accommodation should be designed to “Grade 3” as described in BS 8102:2009 – that ‘no water penetration is acceptable and a dry environment will be provided if maintained by adequate ventilation’.  
  • Non-habitable areas such as parking areas, storage or plant rooms where the internal finishes are not readily damaged by moisture should be designed to a minimum “Grade 2” as described in BS 8102:2009, as no water penetration is acceptable although damp is tolerated.  
  • Retaining walls used to form elements such as light wells ideally should be designed to provide “Grade 1” protection.
  • Where there is any doubt about use, the level of protection required for habitable accommodation should be provided. 

Key skills of a waterproofing design specialist 

BS8102:2009 implies that the Waterproofing Design Specialist should have knowledge of the following:

  • The waterproofing systems available.
  • An in-depth understanding of the requirements of BS 8102.
  • Sources of water, and how it flows through the soil and interacts with the structure.
  • Sufficient structural knowledge to be able to discourse meaningfully with the structural engineer.
  • Sufficient geotechnical knowledge to be able to understand the implications of a soil report, and to discourse meaningfully with the geotechnical engineer.
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How you can become a recognised as a Waterproofing Design Specialist?

Along with needing to be a PCA member and having attained the CSSW qualification, to be accepted onto the PCA Waterproofing Design Specialist Register, applicant must be able to demonstrate they have the necessary skills in

  • Diagnostic investigation and problem solving
  • Understand all the aspects of BS8102- 2009 and other relevant industry standard
  • Building construction and waterproofing techniques
  • Knowledge of the products and techniques commonly used in waterproofing.
  • Report writing
  • Ongoing commitment to skills development & CPD

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Finding a waterproofing design specialist

With the publication of the register of Waterproofing Design Specialists, developers, architects and builders can quickly locate individual practitioners who can assist in the design and planning of underground waterproofing. This ability will allow them to conform to the recommendation set out so clearly in BS8102: 2009. The availability of the register will ensure that a properly vetted and approved Waterproofing Design Specialist is available and accessible to the leader of any design team.

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