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BS 8102:2022 Requirements

Code of Practice for the 'Protection of Below Ground Structures against Water Ingress' (BS 8102 2022) provides guidance on the methods which can be adopted to deal with and prevent the entry of water from the ground into a structure that is below ground level. It is widely referred to and used in basement waterproofing, making particular reference to: 

  • Adoption of a design team
  • Water table classification
  • Defects and remedial measure

It also refers to waterproofing protection, Type-A (barrier), Type-B (structurally integral protection) and Type-C (drained protection) and how they can be combined where required. 

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Key takeaways from the BS 8102:2022 

Considers the ‘Design Philosophy’ that should underpin all waterproofing design and encourages a risk-assessed approach to waterproofing design.

The Standard recommends the establishment of a competent TEAM that will be responsible for the design and performance of the waterproofing system.
Sets out the grades of waterproofing and the methods that can be adopted to achieve levels of water tightness.

Consider the defects wither from poor workmanship or the specific nature of materials 

Waterproofing design

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Types of Waterproofing - A,B & C

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Structural Waterproofing

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Additional technical documents you can view

For those interested, there is a variety of structural waterproofing related 'Codes of Practice', Technical Documents, Guidance Notes via our Technical Document Library.  Simply click on the button below to view the library.  Documents of interest include:

  • Code of Practice for Waterproofing of Existing Below Ground Structures
  • Insulation in Basements guidance note
  • Best Practice Guidance: Continuity of Waterproofing Systems
  • Best Practice Guidance: Podium Decks and Buried Roofs

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