How to apply to join the Waterproofing Design Specialist Register

Skills required to be on the Waterproofing Design Specialist (WDS) register

In order to be accepted onto the register of Waterproofing Design Specialists an individual must be able to demonstrate that they have the following skills and competencies:-

  • Understand all the aspects of BS8102:2009 and other relevant industry standards
  • Demonstrate a full understanding of all types of waterproofing (Types A, B and C)
  • Understand building construction and waterproofing techniques
  • Knowledge of the products and techniques commonly used in waterproofing
  • Evidence of site experience (min. 5 years)
  • Diagnostic investigation and problem solving
  • Report writing

Individuals will also need to:

  • Be a member or be employed by a member of the Property Care Association
  • Have attained the Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW) qualification or other relevant academic or industry qualification
  • Have an on-going commitment to skills development and participate in the PCA’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme
  • Hold Professional Indemnity Insurance

Applicants are required to submit a number of specified documents and evidence to demonstrate the above requirements for review by the WDS Expert Panel. Applicants will also be required to undertake a formal interview with the WDS Expert Panel as part of the process to assess an applicant’s knowledge, experience and suitability to join the register.

WDS Register: Application Pack  

As with all companies and individuals that retain membership with the PCA, those featured on the Register must observe the Association’s Code of Ethics and all the relevant Standards that relate to the conduct and behaviour of members.