Wall Tie Evolution & Corrosion – 3 Decades of Change

They may be typically hidden from sight, but when it comes to wall tie inspection & replacement, what exactly should we be doing and what are the modern approaches to detecting, reporting and replacing old wall ties? How have we adapted to issues surrounding retrofit insulation and responded to an increasing need for remedial wall tie work on modern buildings? In addition, with the Green Homes Grant now fully up and running and seemingly a hunger from homeowners to improve energy efficiency within their homes, are we potentially doing it wrong?!?

To find out the answers and to learn much more, join us and Bryan Hindle of Brick-Tie Limited for the first of our 2021 webinars on Thursday 28th January 2021 from 9-10am, as he raises awareness and shares his expert advice on how wall tie inspection/replacement has evolved and the diverse approaches to wall tie remedial work. To join, simply click on the button below.

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What you will learn from the webinar

  • The bigger picture and perspective towards wall tie corrosion
  • Challenges of wall tie corrosion in the age of retrofit insulation
  • The ‘damp problem’ YOU may create (and other associated issues)
  • Remedial wall tie considerations for modern housing and structures
  • Modern approaches to wall tie replacement
  • Testing wall ties: are you assuming you are doing it right?!?

Benefits – Why YOU should watch the webinar

  • Learn how you can better detect, find and inspect wall ties
  • Understand the challenges of wall ties & cavity insulation, especially with an increase in cavity wall insulation retrofit works due to the Green Homes Grant Scheme
  • Gain valuable advice on improving health and safety and how workers’ health outcomes can be protected far better than in the past
  • Best practice guidance on how to resolve issues
  • Straightforward online learning while sitting at your desk
  • Benefit from gaining 2 CPD points

About the presenter – Bryan Hindle

Bryan Hindle is owner of Brick-Tie Limited, specialising in wall tie replacement and structural repairs. Starting work in this field in the mid 80’s, Bryan has seen a huge change in the wall tie corrosion landscape spanning nearly 40 years.

As an experienced qualified surveyor in not only structural repairs, but in structural waterproofing and timber & damp control; there are very few problems Bryan has not seen when it comes to wall ties. There is very little he does not know when it comes to solutions to resolving wall tie issues, whether it be within back to back terraced houses, schools or mansions.

Controlling Ground Gases & Water - how to get synergy
Level:All levels
Duration:1 hour
When:9-10am Thurs 28th January 2021
Cost:Free Webinar

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Additional information about wall ties & structural repairs

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In addition, you can also visit the ‘professionals’ section of our website for more information.

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Our ‘on-demand’ webinar library

We now have quite an extensive library of previous webinars ‘on-demand‘ for anyone interested in developing their knowledge and understanding on a variety of subjects such as damp, structural waterproofing, invasive weed control, ground gas and many more!

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