Government outlines Plans to Restart Housing Market

With the government announcing measures aimed at restarting the housing market PCA members, through the embracement of new guidelines and PCA guidance, can demonstrate that you are able to carry out surveys and perform repairs safely and in full accordance with the new social distancing rules.

PCA members demonstrate they are the best in the business

Many lenders require specialist timber, damp, wall tie and Japanese knotweed investigations to be done by PCA member companies. This is being driven by the knowledge that PCA members have demonstrated through their actions that they are the best in the business. The technical vetting and support of the PCA, as well as access to dispute resolution services and high quality insured guarantees, backs this assertion and has long been valued by lenders and surveyors.

Now perhaps for the first time in the domestic market, your ability to comply with legal and health & safety rules will be greatly appreciated and valued by vendors and estate agents as well as lenders and chartered surveyors.

Ensuring members have the latest guidance

Over the last few weeks we have been working to ensure that information on safe practice has been passed from official sources to members. The live member briefings every Tuesday morning has looked at these emerging challenges and we have attempted to guide members to the adoption and development of practices that allow us to provide services safely in the post COVID-19 world.

The latest documents for members to look at are below. The first sets out considerations for surveyors and the second is a thought on how companies may wish to engage with the occupants of buildings. Both are aimed at allowing surveys to take place while minimising risk to occupants and the surveyor.

Pre-Survey Checklist >> Occupied Property Survey >>


Helping you get back to work with safe working practices

Risk assessments and safe operating practices must be drawn up and implemented by individual companies and surveyors. Our aim is to help you do that!

Once safe working practices are in place, it is our belief that you should communicate your competence, knowledge of the guidance and ability to work safely to assist those who will now see real value in this.

Compliance with health and safety law may have been overlooked by many domestic clients in the past. With COVID-19 we see an opportunity to demonstrate your investment in operational health and safety that is so valued by commercial clients, adapt it to the hazards of the pandemic and ensure domestic clients see its benefit.

With the ability to demonstrate safe working practices and the technical competency assured by membership of the PCA, we believe that you are the only choice for purchases, vendors and their agents, as the property market restarts.

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