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Contracting and Client Relationship Workshop

Confidently navigate the contractual aspects of supervising or managing works on site with our contracting and client relationship workshop.

Through developing candidates understanding of commercial agreements, this course will increase your appreciation and understanding of the contractual obligations for all parties within a project to avoid potential pitfalls, penalties and ensure that your company meets its obligations.

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Who is the contracting and client relationship workshop for

This course is ideal for those who routinely deal with main contractors and quantity surveyors and offers invaluable information you can use to self-check your in-house procedures. It will particularly benefit small and medium sized companies who may lack the experience or expertise to effectively manage works to ensure they deliver on contractual obligations. Job roles for those who typically take an interest in the course include:

Managing directors, company owners – anyone responsible for the overall profitability of a company. Make sure you understand what your company obligations are and the consequences of not delivering them. Make sure you understand who in your team needs to understand them as well and what they should be doing on site.

Site managers, foremen, team leaders, project managers – anyone who works physically on site and is responsible for works being delivered within the scope of work and defined contract requirements; anyone responsible for overseeing subcontractors.

Sales engineers – understand the contractual implications when drafting/agreeing scope of works proposals for clients.

How is this workshop structured?

This intensive one day course offers a combination of classroom-based learning with a workshop providing an opportunity for delegates to offer their ideas and share their experiences. Learning from fellow professional’s experiences can be a highly valuable way to put learning into context.

The day covers the following topics:
  • The Contract
  • Scope of Work
  • Drawings
  • Collateral warranties
  • Variations and Payments for Variations
  • Instructions
  • Programme
  • Delays and Extensions of Time in Brief
  • Practical completion
  • Monitoring progress
  • Defects
  • Retention
  • Attendance and facilities
  • Payment in brief
  • Claims, Set Off and Contra Charges in brief
  • Meetings
  • Communicating and Recording Information

Benefits of taking our contracts and client relationship course

  • Become more confident in being able to deal with contracts sent to them, their payment terms and what we have to actually agree to.
  • Helping to maximise profits through avoiding costly disputes and potential legal action. 
  • Safeguard company reputation.
  • Avoid situations that could place your company in jeopardy such as a collateral warranty claim 

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