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Understanding Dampness & Condensation

Since the introduction of the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 the spotlight has been firmly cast on dampness and condensation issues within tenanted buildings and social housing.

Following many requests from Local Authorities and Housing Associations seeking help regarding the problems of condensation and mould within properties, the PCA has developed this special online workshop designed for housing officers/inspectors looking to gain further understanding of moisture related defects within buildings and the confidence to evaluate such issues and consequently direct any necessary rectification works.   

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Main topics covered

- Condensation - Dampness - Moisture sources - Mould growth - Environmental data collection - Humidity control - External sources of moisture

Structure of the dampness & condensation course

The dampness and condensation course centres around three core topics that seeks to address the causes, associated problems and inspection techniques:

Core Topic 1 - Internal Sources of Moisture
  • Symptoms of high relative humidity including Condensation and mould
  • Understanding relative humidity, vapour pressure and environmental moisture
  • Water vapour in buildings and its origin
  • Measuring environmental moisture and assessment of collected data
  • Practical assessment of environmental moisture
  • Use of hygrometers, surface temperature thermometers, data loggers and anemometers
  • Analysis of data loggers and production of data in graphical form
Core Topic 2 - Condensation & Humidity Control
  • Balancing ventilation, moisture production, heating and performance of the thermal envelope
  • Ventilation strategies and common causes of failure including ducting
  • Commissioning, flow rates and functionality of ventilation systems
  • Practical assessment of ventilation systems
Core Topic 3 - External Sources of Moisture
  • Rainwater penetration
  • Potential issues created by retrofit insulation
  • Rising damp, dpc failures and common ways they can be compromised
  • Leaks & Flooding
  • Diagnosing and distinguishing between the different sources
  • Methods of measurement, moisture meters, calcium carbide and gravimetric methods
  • Remediation strategies

Benefits of the training

  • Training course designed to give you the skills to determine an issue and the confidence to evaluate and determine the appropriate actions to rectifiy the dampness issue
  • Bespoke training for Local Authorities and Housing Association’s only
  • Training delivered at your location – cost effective and convenient

Contact us about the training

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