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Understanding & Managing Moisture Risks in Buildings

This online training course is aimed at surveying and construction professionals who want to understand how to minimise moisture risks in buildings and how to better manage problems when they occur.

In partnership with the UK Centre for Moisture in Buildings (UKCMB), this course aims to provide you with knowledge, skills and good practice to help you identify, assess and manage moisture risks in the design, construction and retrofit of buildings. The Goal: to help create and manage healthier and safer built environments.

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Structure of the online training course

The online course is based around the four principles set out in the 'Moisture in Buildings: an integrated approach to risk assessment and guidance' by Neil May and Chris Sanders (BSI, London, 2018) and in the new edition of BS 5250 Control of Condensation in Buildings. These principles, known as ‘the four Cs’, are:

  • Context: understanding the building’s history, setting, construction, condition, occupancy pattern, etc
  • Coherence: adopting a consistent, integrated, whole-building approach to all aspects of new-build and retrofit
  • Caution: identifying, assessing and managing moisture risks, and, where knowledge is limited, erring on the side of caution
  • Capacity: ensuring adequate capacity in building systems rather than over-optimising, to allow for unexpected or changing circumstances

Covered over four morning sessions, the course is broken down as follows:

Day 1 Morning– Context

This module will explain the origin of current moisture risks. It’ll cover a brief history of building construction, occupation and ventilation, and a summary of emerging issues.

You’ll also watch a video about the use of a moisture-balance tool developed by UKCMB.

Day 2 Morning– Coherence
  • How moisture behaves in air, on surfaces, and in materials, including condensation and mould growth
  • How we can measure these phenomena
  • The roles of tools, models and testing
Day 3 Morning– Caution

This module will look at identifying, assessing and managing moisture risks in buildings, including the use of simple risk-assessment checklists and tools.

You’ll also use customised Microsoft Excel workbooks for moisture risk assessment.

Day 4 Morning– Capacity
  • Translating theory into practice through examples of new-build and retrofit projects
  • Integrating moisture risk management into designs and work on site

Who is this training course for?

This online training course in understanding and managing moisture risks in buildings is designed for building and technical professionals within the housing industry that includes:

  • Surveyors
  • Architects
  • Construction project managers
  • Building services engineers
  • Housing asset managers, repairs and maintenance surveyors
  • Retrofit contractors & coordinators
  • Housing or domestic energy advisors
  • Energy and sustainability consultants

Benefits of the training course

  • You will be able to identify moisture-related risks associated with new builds or retrofit projects and know how to mitigate them
  • You will become familiar with the mechanisms of moisture transfer within buildings and how to better design out or manage them better
  • Knowledge of the conditions that give rise to condensation and mould growth, familiar with moisture risk assessment and management techniques and be able to apply them

Contact us about the training

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