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Management of Japanese Knotweed for Surveyors

Develop your surveying skills for Japanese knotweed with our comprehensive two day training course (including a block of online pre-recorded content) detailing the background, best practice and requirements involved in the assessment and management of Japanese knotweed and other common invasive weed species. 

Open to both PCA members and non-members alike, this course is the perfect preparation for surveyors who wish to go on to take the Certificated Surveyor in Japanese knotweed (CSJK) examination

P.S. This course is now available via our NEW Online Training Platform. Click on the button below to find out more…

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Who is this training course for?

The management of Japanese knotweed course is aimed at those involved in and with some prior knowledge and experience of the identification, assessment and management of Japanese knotweed, and other common invasive species. For those with little to no experience looking to gain further knowledge and understanding of these invasive species we would recommend you consider our Technicians Training: Japanese Knotweed before attending this course.

Structure of the Japanese knotweed course

Dealing with Japanese knotweed is a complicated process, this course will detail everything from initial site inspection and risk assessment through to actioning a management plan after treatment has been completed.  You can see the topics covered below:

Online Recorded Content:
  • What are Invasive Plants
  • Background, Ecology and Impacts of Japanese Knotweed
  • Identification of Japanese Knotweed and the other Invasive species
  • Legislation
  • Bio-Security
  • Risk Assessments
Day 1:
  • Site Inspections
  • Pre-site checks
  • Surveying process
  • Mapping
  • Integrated Weed Management
  • Re-vegetation
  • Creating a report
Day 2:
  • Knotweed Management Plans (KMP)
  • RICS Guidelines for Japanese Knotweed
  • Risk Assessments
  • Remediation Options: Pro's /con's and legal responsibilities
  • Bio-Security
  • Monitoring
  • Managing Clients Expectations

Benefits of the Management of Japanese knotweed training

  • We have designed this course to ensure those involved in the management of invasive weeds can feel confident they possess the required knowledge of relevant industry regulations, related environmental issues and current best practice in treating Japanese knotweed.
  • Alongside expanding your understanding of Japanese knotweed treatment, the course is the perfect preparation for taking the next step and becoming CSJK qualified – the recognised professional qualification for those in the knotweed industry.
  • Many candidates find the In house training option we provide to be more convenient and cost-effective for group bookings.

Become fully CSJK qualified

The management of Japanese knotweed training course alone does not entitle an attendee to say they have attained the CSJK qualification. See separate information about attaining the formal qualification via the CSJK examination here.

CSJK exam info

Thinking you might prefer our fully online training?

Similar to our traditional classroom training, our online Management of Japanese knotweed surveyor training option has been developed to enhance the knowledge and skills of those involved in the assessment and management of Japanese knotweed and other common invasive weed species.

To find out more about our online training version, click on the button below or call and chat with our training team.

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Contact us about our Japanese knotweed training

If you have any questions about our knotweed training course then simply give us a call on 01480 400 000 or complete our enquiry form below and we will get back to you.

Alternatively you can reserve your place on the course today by completing the booking form or by contacting us using the button below.

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