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Technician Training – Japanese knotweed

Created for technicians and field operatives working in the control and management of Japanese knotweed, this one day course is designed for new or those with experience looking to improve their understand and knowledge of Japanese knotweed and how to control it.

Open to both PCA members and non-members alike, after successful completion of the Technicians exam for Japanese knotweed, successful candidates will gain ‘PCA Qualified Technician‘ (PCAQT)’ status enabling you to demonstrate to employers and clients that you have proven competency and skills in providing solutions towards Japanese Knotweed.

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What you will learn

This course teaches students in a classroom environment the technical, biological and academic principles that underpin the processes that lead to the safe and reliable control of Japanese knotweed.

Structure of the Japanese knotweed course

Combining classroom based instruction and practical hands-on exercises, the training course will cover topics including:

  • The biology and ecology of the plant
  • How the plant grows and spreads
  • Its processes for propagation and the importance of biosecurity
  • Methods of control including: chemical, mechanical, biological and burial
  • The strengths and challenges that relate to each form of control
  • Site safety, waste disposal and the implications of poor site practice

Benefits of the Japanese knotweed training course

The course will provide technicians and field operatives with the skills, knowledge and confidence to take what they have learned in the programme and employ it in the field to effectively tackle Japanese knotweed for their clients and employers.

Upon passing the knotweed technician examination at the end of the course, candidates are entitled to refer to themselves as a ‘PCA Qualified technician’ (PCAQT). This demonstrates to clients and employers that you have been recognised as a qualified specialist by the trade body for the entire property care industry.

Contact us about Japanese Knotweed technician training

To find out more about the training course and for information on how to apply and book your preferred dates, simply give us a call on 01480 400 000 or complete our enquiry form below and we will get back to you.

Alternatively, you can start your journey of becoming a PCA recognised Japanese knotweed specialist by downloading our online booking form and registering for the course today.

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