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Invasive weeds: Business development and diversification

Expand your knowledge and explore the sustainability of an invasive weed management business which has been predominantly built around Japanese Knotweed. Our comprehensive online course is split over two half days, exploring new business areas and driving factors to expand beyond Japanese Knotweed, while also helping you identify potential opportunities and developing your skillset, and how the PCA can assit you.

PCA members only: This course is perfect for business development opportunistic individuals who are seeking to expand on an existing knowledgebase but are unsure how to take the next steps.

To find out more, keep scrolling down or alternatively, give us a call on 01480 400 000 or contact us using our online contact form.

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Who is this training course for?

 This business development and diversification course is aimed at individuals working within companies who wish to explore the realms of terrestrial invasive weed management beyond Japanese Knotweed within the wider environment

This course is ideal for those working within the invasive weed industry who are looking to capitalise on identifying new stakeholders and to explore the range of resources that is avaialble to support business development.

Structure of the course

There are a number of aspects related to expanding your business beyond Japanese knotweed.This course will explore these factors from upskilling your team and identifying new invasive weed opportunities to understanding the risks of expansion.

This course will be delivered over two mornings, via our online learning platform,It will work through the topics below: 

Session 1
  • Considerations when expanding our businesses
  • Focusing on other weeds and other facets of invasive weed management
  • The necessity for invasive weed management
  • Identifying stakeholders
  • The importance of risk assessment
  • What services you provide
  • Demonstrating skills and competency
  • How the PCA can help
  • Why expanding your business might not be a good idea.
Session 2
  • Taking the next steps
  • Identifying what’s best for your business
  • Developing a new level of competence
  • Identifying new invasive weed opportunities
  • Business expansion risk assessment
  • Supporting the PCA / IWCG
  • Upskilling your team
  • How to promote your expansion
  • Keeping your finger on the pulse
  • Promoting and engaging with other campaigns.

Benefits of training

  • Develop knowledge and an understanding of the pros and cons behind business development
  • Identify new invasive weed opportunities with the domestic and commercial environments
  • Identify opportunities to be involved in policy making groups
  • Reduces your company’s environmental impact.

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