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Technician Training – Structural Waterproofing

Our structural waterproofing training course has been carefully constructed to develop the skills, knowledge and experience of those currently working in the structural waterproofing industry. 

Successful candidates will achieve PCA qualified technician (PCAQT) status, enabling you to demonstrate to employers and clients alike that your capabilities as a structural waterproofing technician have been assessed by the trade body for the waterproofing industry. The course is open to technicians (tradesmen) from both member and non-member companies. Contact us to get started today.

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Knowledge gained in the following areas

- Basement waterproofing - Basement construction - Below ground waterproofing - Health & Safety - Types of waterproofing - Podium deck waterproofing

Who is this training course for?

This course is specially designed to mould those who already have some experience in the structural waterproofing industry into PCA qualified specialists at the forefront of the industry. Ideally, delegates will have received basic training from their employer and have already gained some technical or practical experience in a related environment.

What you will learn on the waterproofing course

The course is a short but thorough exploration of all aspects of structural waterproofing that technicians are required to know. Topics covered include:

  • Construction and use of basements
  • BS8102:2022 – Principles of waterproofing taking into consideration defects and future maintenance
  • Methods of waterproofing – Barrier, Integral and Cavity Drainage
  • The strengths and challenges that relate to each form of waterproofing
  • Installation and combination of various systems
  • Importance of correct preparation and application
  • Site safety, waste disposal and the implications of poor site practice

Become PCA qualified in structural waterproofing

Structural waterproofing is a complicated and technical field, and employers and clients require reassurance that you have the skills and knowledge needed to perform your role to the highest industry standards.

After passing an assessment at the end of the course you will be entitled to refer to yourself as a ‘PCA Qualified Technician’ (PCAQT). This recognition from the industry trade body will allow you to demonstrate to employers and customers that your structural waterproofing experience and expertise has been externally assessed.

Benefits of the structural waterproofing course

  • Successful candidates will be able to apply the knowledge and skills they have developed on the course to confidently and effectively protect below ground structures against water ingress.
  • As a PCA qualified technician, your structural waterproofing abilities will be trusted and approved.

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You can book your place on the technician structural waterproofing course by using the 'Book your place' button above. Alternatively, if you still have any questions or queries you would like to discuss with us then simply give us a call on 01480 400000 or complete our online enquiry form.

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