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How to stop condensation

Condensation can occur in all properties. It does unfortunately have more of an impact on some properties compared to others. More often than not, this is down to poor ventilation. For those that are suffering from excess moisture, condensation and mould though, there are things you can do to help stop or minimise the condensation issues affecting you. To find out more, check out or tips below.

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Simple steps to stopping condensation

You can stop condensation and reduce the levels of moisture in the air by following a few simple steps. These steps include:

  • Keep the property well ventilated. Open windows as much as possible, or ensure trickle vents are open
  • Avoid drying washing on radiators - instead, place in the bathroom with the door closed and the fan on
  • Dry washing outside when you can
  • Cook with pan lids on and with a minimum amount of water. Once boiled, turn the heat down
  • When running a bath, fill with cold water first then add the hot - this reduces the amount of steam by 90%!
  • Ensure extractor fans are turned on in the bathroom/kitchen/ensuite areas. Ideally these fans should be a constant duty fan, or be humidistat controlled.
  • After having a bath or shower, keep the window open or the extractor fan going for a period after you have washed to help moisture escape
  • Close kitchen and bathroom doors when the rooms are in use. These areas are typically the worst culprits from producing excess moisture
  • If you tumble dry washing, ensure the dryer is either vented to the outside, or is a condenser type (condenser can however, be problematic)
  • Avoid intermittent heating. Set your heating to have low background heating for most of the day...especially on cold weather days
  • Avoid heating your property using paraffin or bottle gas heater. They actually produce a lot of moisture (along with other fumes)
  • Allow air to circulate behind furniture. More furniture items slightly away from external walls 
  • Wipe down cold surfaces to take away excess moisture from walls...especially after cooking or showering

Other tips and solutions

Along with the simple DIY condensation solutions above, there are other options you can consider.  These include the installation of extractor fans, the introduction of dehumidifiers and the possible consideration to mechanical whole house ventilation solutions.  To find out more about these options, visit our condensation solutions webpage

Condensation Solutions

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