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The importance of good ventilation

The importance of good ventilation must not be underestimated. Levels of excess moisture within buildings are on the rise, as homes become better insulated and more airtight thanks to modern innovations such as double glazing. This has had a direct impact on and led to a rise in moisture levels trapped inside our properties.  

Introducing more effective ventilation methods will help tackle poor air quality leading to condensation and mould.

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The Impacts of poor ventilation

Drawing in fresh air and ventilating your property is a healthy thing to do for your property. However, it is especially important when it comes to reducing condensation. Excess levels of moisture and humidity are on the rise, largely due to a number of factors including:

  • More people living in smaller spaces
  • Rising fuel costs
  • Energy efficient measures - Reducing air leakage through draft proofing and retrofit installations

Not ventilating can lead to poor air quality, condensation and mould growth.

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Ventilation is important, but don’t want the draughts?

 There are ways in which you can improve the ventilation in your home without causing or minimising the impact of a draught within your property.  Considers options such as:

  • Keeping trickle vents open at all times
  • Use passive vapour vents or open small windows
  • Do not fit air bricks at low level
  • Install suitable extractor fans in moisture-laden rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom and ensuite

Living in a home with good air exchange is important and will help reduce the moisture levels which can lead to poor air quality, condensations, dampness and mould growth.

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Kitchens & Bathrooms - the rooms that typically cause the most problems

 Kitchens and bathrooms are typically the rooms which cause the most amount of issues. This is mainly through everyday activities such as cooking, showering, drying clothes etc. 
There are, however, simple things you can do here that can have a significant impact on the amount of excess moisture thats trapped in your property.  Simply closing bathroom and kitchen doors and ensuring the extractor fan is on when these rooms are in use stops moisture escaping into other rooms. Having a window open (even by a small amount) will also help to allow the moisture you are creating to escape.
For more tips on how to better control excess moisture within your property, visit our hints & tips page by clicking the button below, or download our ‘Homeowners guide to Condensation in your property below. 

Do you need to consider a mechanical ventilation solution?

Unfortunately, in some cases, our useful ‘tips and tricks’ guide is just not enough to help minimise the amount of excess moisture within your property.  Sometimes other ventilation options need to be considered to help resolve the issue. You may need to consider a mechanical ventilation solutions such as extractor fans to help remove moisture in certain areas (such as kitchens & bathrooms) to possibly whole house solutions such as Positive Input Ventilation systems.  
To learn more about your options, visit our condensation solutions page by clicking on the link below.

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Thinking you need a little bit more help?

Excess moisture and condensation can be a real problems in some people’s homes..  Where it persists, sometimes it is simply best to engage & consult with a specialist surveyor to explore the root cause of the problem and to provide advice or propose solutions to rectify the problem.  If you are thinking this is something you need to consider, there are specialists that can help.
Members of the Property Care Association are at the forefront of knowledge and expertise when it comes to condensation and dampness issues.  All contractors working under the PCA banner have been vetted and assessed to ensure that they are capable of surveying properties and identifying the appropriate solutions to resolve excess moisture, air quality and condensation problems. To find a PCA member close to you, simply run a search using the search box below.

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