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Why the PCA supports Mental Health Awareness week?

Life is complicated. Balancing work, home and relationships while finding time to breathe deeply and enjoy the ride is seldom easy. The way we live and the society we are part of seems to load in worry and anxiety. We can’t help but fret about the expectations of bosses, partners, employees, parents and friends in a culture that seem to value conformity, success and money over most everything else.

It doesn’t take much for our mental wellbeing to suffer…

For most people in normal times we cope, we get by, we even have some fun, but it doesn’t take much to start an avalanche of emotions that can sweep up everything. Self-doubt, depleted confidence, feelings that are difficult to control or rationalise start to creep around the edges of your life and before we know it, we have a problem.

We all most likely know of someone that’s suffered…

I doubt anyone can say today that they don’t know someone close to them that hasn’t had a wobble in the last 15 months. It pains me to admit that people close to me have. These are the people I care about and I rely on, people who are strong but who’s defences have been breached.

As a father, a son, an employer and a partner, why wouldn’t I do what I can to look after important people? That is why the PCA supports Mental Health Awareness Week.

Mental Health Advice & Support

To access advice and information to help support you and your teams’ with their Mental Health, simply click on the button below.

Mental Health Awareness Week

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