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Online Surveyor Training: Timber & Dampness in Buildings

Similar to our traditional classroom training, our online surveyor training option has been developed to enhance the knowledge and skills of existing timber and dampness surveyors, or individuals working towards becoming a surveyor within the preservation sector.

Main topics covered: Condensation - Dampness - Moisture sources - Mould growth - Wood destroying insect e.g. wood worm, deathwatch beetle - Fungal decay e.g. wet rot, dry rot - Surveying and reporting - Legal considerations & legislation

Delivered through our online learning centre, this hub of knowledge is at your convenience to help develop your skills as a surveyor at a time and place to suit you. This course can also prepare candidates for the ‘Certificated Surveyor of Timber & Dampness in Buildings’ (CSTDB) examination or the 'Certificated Surveyor of Dampness in Buildings' (CSDB) examination.

To find out more, why not get in touch and potentially secure your place on our next intake. Contact us on  01480 400 000, or use the buttons below to get in touch or book now.

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What’s included within the online training

  • 13 live training broadcasts 
  • 27 recorded online learning videos
  • Many professional trainers
  • Whole suite of additional & recommended learning materials
  • Covered over a 6-8 week period
  • All at the convenience of a click of a button

Structure of the online damp and timber training

The course is divided into three modules taught through a variety of live online learning sessions, recorded videos and learning materials through a structured online learning plan that delivers learning to you step by step.

Module 1 - Dampness: Diagnosis & Control
  • Understanding dampness, the sources and the implications
  • Damp Inspection and investigation: the tools, equipment and the process
  • Moisture diagnostics: from gravimetrics to data logging to conductivity meters and beyond
  • Putting the theory into practice: how do we understand the data better
  • Principles of controlling moisture: barriers v drying, water from both ground and lateral penetration, salt management, understanding condensation, ventilation, relative humidity and atmospheric moisture
  • Case studies & examples: reviewing the good and the bad
Module 2 - Timber Diagnosis and Eradication
  • Understanding timber: the types, its role in buildings and the effect of moisture
  • Timber inspection & investigation: the tools, equipment and the process
  • Fungal decay diagnostics: including fibre saturation, hygroscopicity of timber, the different types of rot and how to recognise moisture ingress & its significance
  • Wood destroying insect diagnostics: problems, where to look, how to look and determining if active or not
  • Putting the theory into practice : from the cause of decay to structural implications and a surveyors 'duty of care'
  • Principals of controlling fungal decay & insect attack: Elimination of moisture, barriers, design and maintenance, drying to monitoring and mechanical/engineering repairs
  • Use of chemical preservatives: including regulations, modes of control and formulations/application techniques
  • Case studies & examples: reviewing the good and the bad
Module 3 - Report Prep, Safety, Legal & Environmental Considerations
  • Legal (the law): contracts, legislations, considerations, tort, implications of surveys and the courts
  • Inspection requirements: recording instructions, discharging liability and why it is essential to record everything
  • Conducting a survey: to how to conduct a survey, external & internal inspections, communicating with clients
  • Report writing: essential elements, observations, limitations, actions and recommendations
  • Specifications, tenders, quotations & estimates: design/performance specifications to drawings, products and processes
  • Health & safety management: from implementation to common hazards, risk assessments and methods statements
  • Important legal considerations & legislation: the party wall act, COSHH, Bats, chemical legislation, hazards & working at height/confined spaces
  • Case studies & examples: reviewing the good and the bad

Who is this online training course for?

Similar to our traditional classroom based training, this course is open to both members and non-members. It is ideally suited for those already involved or who wish to become involved in the surveying of timber infestation/decay and dampness in buildings and are looking to possibly achieve qualification.

Recommended for:

  • Indivduals ideally with surveying experience, preferably within the industry
  • People with a experience/background within the building/construction industry
  • For those looking to gain some related skills & knowledge towards damp and timber related issues
  • Strongly recommended: Health & Safety e-learning module

Benefits of our online surveyor training

    • Saves your company money through no lost time, travel cost or lost productivity.
    • All the knowledge from our classroom training at the benefit of a click convenient to you!
    • Dampness and timber preservation training that is widely recognised as being of the highest standard available.
    • Great foundation study for those going on to sit the CSTDB/CSDB exams
    • Guarantees a risk-free environment for your employees
    • Fits your employee’s flexible lifestyles
    • Reduces your company’s environmental impact

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To find out more about our online Timber & Dampness in Buildings training, or to simply ask a few questions, feel free to contact our training team by calling 01480 400 000 or send us your enquiry by completing our online contact form below.

Alternatively, if you want to book your place now, click on the 'Book Now' button at the top of the page or on any of the 'available dates'. 

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