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Online Surveyor Training: Structural Waterproofing

Similar to our classroom training, our online surveyor training option has been developed to enhance the knowledge and skills of those involved in the design, planning and installation of any basement or structural waterproofing project below ground.

Main topics covered - Waterproofing basements and other below ground structures - Type A systems - Type B systems - Type C systems - BS8102 - Waterproofing design - Surveying existing structures

Delivered through our online learning centre, this hub of knowledge will help develop your skills as a surveyor at a time and place to suit you and will teach you in great detail on how to complete basement, cellar, structural and below ground waterproofing.

To find out more, why not get in touch and potentially secure your place on this course. Contact us on 01480 400000, or use the buttons below to get in touch or book now.

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Take a look at what is involved & what you will learn...

What’s included within the online training

  • 8 live training broadcasts
  • 25 recorded online learning videos
  • 1 interactive case study 
  • Many professional trainers
  • A suite of additional and recommended learning materials
  • Covered over 5-6 weeks
  • All at the of a click of a button

Content for the online structural waterproofing training

The course is taught through a variety of live online sessions, recorded videos and reading materials. We believe this method of delivery provides a structured learning plan for you in a step-by-step format.

Structural Waterproofing
  • Introduction to waterproofing: industry, different types of waterproofing, basement construction
  • Waterproofing principles: ground conditions, waterproofing design, anticipated defects
  • Cement technology: mixing, applying, curing and incorrect applications
  • Type A, Type B & Type C: introduction to all types of waterproofing systems/approach
  • Joints, service penetrations & combination detailing: types of joints, combining two or more forms of waterproofing, interface/interaction with superstructure
  • Psychrometry: humidity, temperature and condensation, vapour movement and control layers
  • Theory of structures: effect of external water pressures on structures and their ability to resist them
  • Deck waterproofing: introduction, design, workmanship and materials
  • Preparation for installing forms of waterproofing: options and requirements
  • Historical forms of waterproofing: historical methods used
  • Surveying existing basement structures: what to survey, how etc.
  • Methods of repair: options for failed or absent waterproofing
  • Warranty providers: understand a warranty providers' requirements, relevant standards and the importance of insurance.

Who is this online training course for?

Similar to our traditional classroom based training, this course is open to both members and non-members and offers the latest in best practice, as well as providing updates for professionals in the industry.

Recommended for:

  • Ideal for those involved in the design, planning and installation of any structural waterproofing project below ground
  • Individuals with surveying experience
  • People with experience/background within the building/construction industry.

Benefits of our online surveyor training

  • Saves your company money through no lost time, travel cost or lost productivity
  • All the knowledge from our classroom training 
  • Conveniently all at the click of a button
  • Structural Waterproofing training that is widely recognised as being of the highest standard available
  • Great foundation study for those going on to sit the Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW) exams
  • Fits your employee’s flexible lifestyles
  • Reduces your company’s environmental impact.

Thinking you might prefer Classroom training?

That’s not a problem. We are still running our classroom based training too. To find out more, click on the button below or call and chat with our training team.

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To find out more about our online Structural Waterproofing training, or to simply ask a few questions, feel free to contact our training team by calling 01480 400 000 or send us your enquiry by completing our online contact form below.

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