Property Care Association in Ireland

Sometime in the middle of August our team received a telephone call from Ireland asking to confirm the credentials of three companies using the Associations logo and claiming membership. As it turned out, none of the companies were members. The next question came from what turned out to be a government employee was, “we need a PCA member, how can we find one?” We were able to direct her to a firm in Northern Ireland who are happy to work South of the border, but this was far from ideal for the enquirer.

Over the last few years we have been asked many times if the PCA would be prepared to provide trade association support to companies in the south of Ireland. We have been slow to respond to these requests as we considered our focus should be the United Kingdom. Recent passages of communications and the fact that we have found that the Property Care Association is being used illegitimately by a significant number of people for both procurement and promotion, has prompted us to think again.

Bringing the PCA values, support & training to Ireland

At both the conferences we spoke at in Dublin, in September and late last year, we were asked by several attendees if the Property Care Association would work with companies and clients to bring some of the values, support, training and technical expertise to the country. It has now been decided that we will offer assistance and provide opportunities for training, as well as opening up the Association to companies in Ireland wishing to become members.

Work has already begun to create the necessary web pages and amend application forms to allow us to manage members in Ireland and we will soon be in a position to deliver value representation.

It is testament to the high regard PCA & members are held

We believe it is testament to high regard that members of the PCA are held and that the Trade Association and the infrastructure that surround and supports it is of such quality that others abroad covert it, take value from it and want to be a part of it.

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