Flood resilience measures provide a

lifeline to properties in flood risk areas

Case study video

There are flood resilience solutions available to help property owners protect their homes and businesses.  Consulting specialists can help you find the right advice and solutions.

The increasing incidence of heavy and prolonged rainfall across the UK in recent years has led to millions of pounds of damage to properties and misery for the businesses and homeowners affected by the flooding.

The prospect of future floods is never far from people’s minds, especially those living in areas identified as being at risk of flood, and especially those who have previously experienced the emotional turmoil of being flooded.

It was this that led the two homeowners featured in the following video case study to contact a flood specialist – also a member of the PCA – for an assessment of their homes in order to identify and recommend solutions that would make their homes more resilient to future flooding.

During the floods of 2014 these systems were tested to the limit and shown to work absolutely faultlessly.

“In 2014 we did have to use the flood protection system. The outside of the property flooded to far in excess of that in 2007, and thankfully inside the property remained completely dry. The carpet was down, the furniture was down and we led as far as is possible when you have 40cm of rainwater outside, we led a normal life. ” – Homeowner 1

“I’d just moved into my property, in Sept 2006 and I flooded the following July. We flooded really badly and I was just devastated.  I thought I need to install something to stop flooding again. The system now keeps me completely and utterly dry throughout my house.”  – Homeowner 2

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