Waterproofing Conference 2017

PCA International Waterproofing Conference 2017:

Design, Specification and Best Practice

Date: Thursday, 6th July 2017
Venue: The Slate, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7SH

The conference is open to all professionals with an interest in waterproofing, including those working in structural waterproofing, house building, construction, architectural design etc

The conference will comprise 3 sessions each exploring a different area – Design, Specification and Best Practice.

Delegates will have plenty of opportunities to network, direct their questions to the speakers, share experiences and participate in the fully interactive Panel Debate which will close the conference.

There will also be a pre-conference dinner on the evening before – see details below after the programme.

Ticket prices:

PCA Members: £85 + vat

Non PCA members: £150 + vat

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Conference Programme

9.00am Registration – refreshments available

9.30am Conference Welcome – Stephen Hodgson, CEO PCA

9.40am Session 1: Design

9.50am Adam Birkinshaw, Hanson
“Watertight concrete”

When there is water on one side of the structure and air on the other even good quality concrete will allow the passage of water through it. The extent of this passage is linked to the volume of capillary pores in the concrete mix which in turn is proportional to the water/cement ratio. Compared to traditional methods of achieving watertight structures, watertight concrete is a simpler alternative offering contractors, engineers and clients an edge in both cost and time savings.

10.10am Dr John Grimes, John Grimes Partnership Ltd
“Groundwater & Basements”

The construction of new basements are an increasing feature in towns and cities. An appropriate ground investigation is required to establish ground conditions and the existing groundwater, as well as the impact of the proposed new basement would have on the groundwater regime. Ground conditions vary considerable across the UK and design of basements can often be complicated by the geology type including joints and fractures, weathering and erosion. The related groundwater regimes can also be affected by human activity, tidal conditions and extreme wet weather events.

This presentation will include design considerations of typical groundwater regimes commonly associated with various geological types, topography and manmade hazards, as well as considerations for subsequent asset management; i.e. how the potential for changing groundwater may affect the structure during its lifetime..

10.30am Charles Goodchild, The Concrete Centre
“Concrete basements”

This presentation is based around The Concrete Centre’s publication Concrete Basements. It aims to inform designers of basements of modest depth (say, not exceeding 10 m) and brings together the salient features for the design and construction of such basements in accordance with the Eurocodes. It is aimed at the generalist and will cover the selection of the best form of construction and the effects of water pressure on the structure.

10.50am Q&A on Session 1

** ** **11.05 – 11.30am Refreshment Break** ** **

11.35am Session 2: Specification

11.45am Mick Smith, ICB (Waterproofing) Ltd
Buried roofs and podium decks– construction, waterproofing options and what to consider, managing/remedying defects in deck waterproofing.

12.05pm John Naylor, GGS
“Understanding Gas Protection Measure Selection within Waterproofing Systems”

John’s presentation will cover a brief overview of the main hazardous gases and their differences, importance of good investigation and risk assessment and how these fit into the selection of appropriate gas protection measures for use within waterproofing solutions in line with BS8485:2015 and verification requirements.

12.25pm   Richard Crossley, Newton Waterproofing Systems Ltd
“Maintaining Continuity – it’s all in the details”

Richard will look at detailing in waterproofing systems: where do things go wrong, achieving continuity in below ground waterproofing and detailing to reduce risk.

12.45pm Q&A on Session 2

** **1.00pm – 2.00pm Ticket price includes a hot buffet style Networking Lunch** **

2.00pm Session 3: Best Practice

2.10pm Alan Auld, Alan Auld Group Ltd
“Application of Artificial Ground Freezing (AGF)”

AGF is not a method for water proofing buildings but it is a means of preventing water ingress into excavations to allow buildings to be constructed. The presentation will show what AGF is, what it does and how it works. The two methods of ground freezing using either brine or liquid nitrogen as the freezing medium will be described. Detailed investigation is required to determine the unfrozen and frozen ground properties needed for design to predict thermal growth, structural strength and deformation behaviour. These will be reviewed together with the requirements for installing the freeze. Recent examples of AGF will be provided.

2.30pm Dr Stephen Garvin, BRE
“Property Flood Resilience: towards a mainstream activity”

This presentation will cover some recent activities with regards to property flood resilience. It will start with a review of the recently produced Action plan and will explain the key issues that will impact on the industry in the next few years. Recent research and its implications will be discussed, as will discussion of the remaining barriers and how these may be overcome.

2.50pm Cormac Rooney, MJ Rooney Construction Ltd
“Waterproofing as a Construction Speciality”

Structural Waterproofing is a notoriously difficult element of basement construction. Cormac will describe the difficulties that the industry faces and how training, innovation and technology can mitigate the risks and enhance the design and construction processes.

3.10pm Q&A on Session 3

3.25pm Panel Debate
Featuring speakers from the programme. Audience can address their questions directly to panel members.

Approx 4.00pm – 4.15pm Conference Close


Delegate ticket prices:

PCA Members – £85 + vat
Non PCA members – £150 + vat

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Pre Conference Dinner – evening of 5th July 2017:

There will be an informal pre-conference dinner at The Slate on the evening of the 5th July 2017. The hot buffet style meal will cost £25 + vat per person. Those wishing to join us for this dinner will need to complete the appropriate field in the Booking Form so we can advise The Slate of numbers, and add the cost of the dinner to your invoice.