Invasive Species Week Info Hub

Welcome to our Invasive Week Special Information Hub for 2022!. During the week, we plan to share and deliver a variety of videos, webinars, news and general content to help promote more awareness about invasive plants/weeds that affect both our urban & outdoor environments, while also trying and helping to empower both homeowners and professionals as to how you can best deal with them.

Whether you are a homeowner or a Construction/Property Professional, you will find a ‘hub’ of information available below to help guide, inform and educate you on all things associated with invasive weeds.

What’s happening during Invasive Species Week?

We are pleased to share our confirmed schedule of events for Invasive Species Week. Running from 16th-22nd May, the PCA has organised the following to complement the theme of events which the Non Native Species Secretariat (NNSS) is releasing that week:

Monday 16th May 2022

Non-native Invasive weeds – the not so good, the really bad and the ugly ones too! – A blog from Peter Fitzsimons


Tuesday 17th May 2022

CPD Video_Alex Brook_Underwater Alien Plants 2022

CPD Video: Underwater Alien Plants – Alex Brooks

What impact do freshwater invasive non-native species have on the environment? How similar or different are they to terrestrial freshwater plants? And how can we manage these aquatic plants and prevent them from establishing and spreading?


Wednesday 18th May 2022

CPD Video_Robert Mitchell_Invasive Weeds in the Countryside - From Hemlock to Hogweed_2022

CPD Video: Invasive Weeds in the Countryside – From Hemlock to Hogweed

Invasive non-native plants can be tricky to identify. For those dealing with invasive weeds in the countryside, it is important to know the differences between these plants, especially when they pose extreme health risks and consequences – which in some cases can be deadly!


Thursday 19th May 2022

CPD Webinar - How Invasive Weeds can Impact the Urban Environment_Jim Glaister

CPD Webinar: How Invasive Weeds can Impact the Urban Environment – Jim Glaister

What impact do invasive weeds have on the environment, our homes and buildings? Not everything in our gardens is benign…


Friday 20th May 2022

PCA’s Resource Library – a blog from Peter Fitzsimons – ‘Invasive Species Week – public awareness & understanding is important!’ Click on the button to read more…

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Invasive Weed CPD webinars and videos

On Demand Learning – Free CPD Videos

Want to improve your knowledge towards all things in the world of invasive plants and weeds?  If so, click to view our CPD webinars and associated learning videos. They EVEN include 1 BASIS point and 2 PCA CPD points for each video watched!

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Invasive Species Week - Advice for Homeowners

Invasive Species Week - Advice for Property & Construction Professionals

Recent News regarding invasive weeds 

Technical Documents - Invasive Weeds Library

Training - Invasive Weeds

Find a recognised PCA Invasive Weed Specialist

If you are a homeowner that has come across invasive weeds/plants near your property and you would like a PCA qualified invasive weed specialist to check it out, then simply use our member search function below.

You can find approved PCA members near you that will be capable of delivering a thorough survey to identify whether or not you have an issue, and if you do have an issue, the appropriate remedial treatments to resolve the problem. 

Related info and links

At the PCA we are doing our best to provide you with all the information and resources you need during Invasive Species Week, but there is always other areas you can visit to find out more about non native invasive plants and about the PCA itself. For additional information, check out some of the page links below:

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