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Hodgson View: Joint methodology - Is it gaining traction again?

Hodgson View: Joint methodology - Is it gaining traction again?

This is the first and probably the last time I start an article with someone else’s blog, but the following came to my attention a week or so ago and I thought it deserved some acknowledgement.

“I’ll be speaking at the RICS Building Surveying Conference tomorrow on the Agreed Methodology for damp inspections. I shall relate it to the new Home Survey Standard and the need for a consistent approach by all and an end to unnecessary and damaging ‘damp-proofing‘” @RICSnews

This was tweeted by Duncan Phillips. He, along with a small group that included the PCA, were responsible for the damp methodology. A document that has been promoted and published by the PCA since we launched it in 2019.

Investigation of Moisture and its Effects in Traditional Buildings

His tweet might have been an excuse to growl and deride RICS and Historic England who have done absolutely nothing to promote the document. In fact, despite being the instigators of the meetings that led to the work, RICS would only consent to acknowledge the document with their logo, if the methodology carries a disclaimer that effectively prevents their members being measured against it!

It seems however that despite the delay, Duncan may have found a way to get the methodology discussed within his organisation. If, as he says, the aim is to end “unnecessary damp proofing” we are cool with that, but Duncan’s post fails to highlight the real value of the document.

Good moisture diagnostics are at the heart of the PCA

What the document does is place a burden on the surveyor to undertake good moisture diagnostics. A commitment that has been at the heart of what this Association has stood for since 1930.

There was a follow up post on the day of the conference:

“ok. it’s done. I know I was talking fast but I needed to get a lot of comments said in a limited time. I think I covered everything that needed to be said and the photos were clear. The next step is a formal consultation process”

Hardly a roadmap to compliance from the Institution that helped create the methodology, but it’s a start and we should be pleased….

Will we hear more soon…who knows?!?  But if I hear an update, I will keep you posted….

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