Flood Defence Systems

Many PCA members are specialists in flood recovery of buildings. However, additionally some of our members also specialise in flood defence and flood protection systems that can protect properties from the devastating effects of flood damage in the first place. Home owners might also be considering protection to a property that has already flooded, or has a high risk of flooding. This is highly specialised work and the correct specification for your individual property is extremely important to reduce future risk of flooding.

What is flooding?

A general definition of flooding is: – when land not normally covered by water becomes covered by water. Buildings sited on this land are also likely to have water enter into them. There are several reasons why flooding occurs in the UK. These are:

  • Prolonged heavy rainfall or exceptional rainfall
  • Ruptured water mains
  • Blocked, poorly maintained and inadequate drains
  • Fluvial flooding – rivers bursting their banks or their defences being breached
  • Coastal flooding – sea water flooding.

How does flood water enter a property?

FloodDefenceSystemFlood water can enter a property via many routes:

  • drains/sewers backing up – 50% of water entry to properties is from the WC
  • through a door or window opening
  • air bricks
  • under a suspended wooden floor via the ground beneath through joints, edges and cracks in concrete floors
  • through the house walls
  • tumble drier and other vents
  • kitchen waste pipes
  • telephone and satellite TV aerial inlets

What can PCA members offer?

Some of our members specialise in offering flood defence and resilience measures to properties. This specialist specification service will involve surveying your property to determine what measures need to be taken to increase the flood resilience of your property. Members may charge a fee for this service. Contractor members can assist with the installation of flood defence measures such as: –

  • fitting flood doors or barriers / panels to door and window openings
  • fitting non-return valves to mains drainage and waste pipes
  • fitting sumps, pumps and specialist cavity drainage membranes
  • applying high performance water resistant coatings to external masonry surfaces
  • sealing cables and pipes where they come into the building
  • fitting flood resistant air bricks
  • sealing joints, edges and cracks in concrete floors

Members of the PCA Flood Remediation Group are:Flood-41-1024x768

  • Skilled surveyors, consultants and contractors who understand routes by which flood water can enter buildings and who can specify levels of protection to reduce the risk of this happening.
  • Experienced contractors who can take flood defence specifications and source and install the most suitable flood defence equipment and other measures.
  • Specialists who understand how to keep structures free from water and whose experience, coupled with innovative products and tried and trusted techniques, can repair and protect structures from the long term effects of water.
  • Members of a well established and respected Trade Association that understands and supports its members with technical advice and guidance.
In summary, members of the PCA Flood Remediation Group, who offer flood defence systems, can be called upon to provide high quality flood defence systems and associated work, as well as specification, advice and guidance to reduce the risk of flooding occurring to buildings.