Salts in Porous Construction and Building Materials

PCA’s Dr Paula Lopez-Arce will be releasing a set of short papers focussing on ‘salts in porous construction and building materials’, aiming to provide a better understanding of the problems which affect the durability of many types of buildings, materials and structures in all kind of climates and weather conditions.

What you will learn from the technical papers

This series of papers on salts in porous construction & building materials brings together a huge amount of published research on this topic that can be turned into practical, successful applications while answering generic questions such as:

  • Type and sources of salts / Decay of building materials: Why are salts important? Where are they coming from? How do they interact and behave with the environment and the building materials?
  • Concentration, distribution and measurement techniques: Where are the salts localised? How can we identify and measure them?
  • Remediation solutions: Which remediation actions can be taken? Are these effective?

Download the technical papers

To read the first of these papers, simply click on the button below. Additional papers to come over the next couple of weeks.

Paper 1 – Types and Sources of Salts

  • Salts in porous materials: what are they and why are they bad?
  • Where are these salts coming from?
  • How do the salts interact with the environment?
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Paper 2 – Salts Distribution in Walls and Decay of Building Materials

  • How do the salts interact with the porous materials?
  • Types of damage and deterioration patterns
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Paper 3 – Salt Analysis: Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatments

This latest paper summarises the analyses from several laboratory and on-site tests of salt damage and the evaluation of treatments.

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Get involved

There is a distinct lack of well documented, applicable and published case studies dealing with problems of salts in non-historic buildings and the experiences of PCA members dealing with salt problems in residential buildings will be invaluable.

To get involved and share your knowledge and experience, please contact Paula on

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The Next ‘Salt Paper’

The next technical document is not a paper itself, but a list of publications and recommended references for further reading on salts and porous building materials.

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