Property Flood Resilience Training

We Brits have always enjoyed complaining about the weather, but increasing instances of extreme weather and flooding mean that flood resilience skills have never been more in-demand for surveyors and those who work within the built environment. 

Our ‘property flood resilience training’ has been developed as part of our surveyor training suite to equip surveyors with the knowledge and skills to assess the risk of flooding and develop strategies to provide flood resilience in existing buildings. To find out more, click to complete our online enquiry form or call 01480 400 000. Alternatively, you can click on the button below to register now.

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Who is our flood resilience training for?

This training course is for surveyors who want to deepen their understanding and awareness of the elements and processes involved in the assessment of flood risk and the delivery of flood resilience in the built environment.

The importance of liaising with homeowners, delivering on their needs and managing expectations are also essential elements of the training. Students will gain the skills to ensure the recommended flood protection strategies are appropriate to an individual’s needs as well as being appropriate for the property and the flood risk.

Flood resilience course objectives

  • Explore the history of flood resilience and how it can be delivered to existing buildings.
  • Examine the different sources of flooding and explain how flood risk determines the selection of flood resilience strategies.
  • Recognise the importance of occupier liaison to understand how their needs and expectations will help to ensure that the best flood resilience solutions are delivered.
  • Understand the different characteristics of common building materials used in construction and understand how they inform the specification and effectiveness of flood resilience strategies.
  • Recognise that a variety of flood resilience measures are available and understand how these can be used and adopted to provide resistance and resilience in a range of scenarios.

Structure of our flood resilience training

The training is divided into four interactive tutorial sessions over two days. At the end of each session students will take on individual and group tasks that incorporate practical exercises and problem solving. These tutor lead tasks allow candidates to apply their new knowledge to real world scenarios, designed to deepen their understanding of the topics and share their ideas with their fellow students.

Day 1 – Flood Resilience training

Day 1 Topics Include:
  • Sources and types of flooding and risk to properties
  • Exploration of the history of flood resilience
  • The impact of flooding on individuals, community, business and buildings
  • Sources of assistance for those affected by flooding and those dealing with victims of flooding
  • Resilience grants, insurance and the role of government and local authorities
  • Understand the implications and any recommendations made in a survey
  • Consider the surveyors duties of care and liability when providing advice
Tasks/practical exercises include:
  • Identifying the main risks of flood to an example property – including geographical and environmental features
  • Assessing a property for its suitability for a strategy of flood resilience
  • Completing a householder profile and identifying the crucial factors which will influence the selection of flood protection or flood resilient measures and why

Day 2 – Flood Resilience training

Day 2 Topics Include:
  • How building construction can affect the likely performance of a building and the success of flood protection measures
  • An in-depth look at the common and sometimes unexpected routes of floodwater ingress
  • Understanding the variety, diversity, characteristics and limitations of property level flood defence measures
  • Understand the influence of people, budgets, health and safety and maintenance when considering the selection and delivery of flood resilience measures
Tasks/practical exercises include:
  • Identifying features of both construction and design of a property and how these affect the way the building will perform in a flood
  • Understand how these assumptions and the knowledge gained during a survey will affect the selection of a floor resilience scheme
  • Designing a flood resilience scheme for a sample building to offer predictable and reliable levels of resilience

Benefits of our flood resilience training

  • Up-to-date knowledge and understanding of flood resilience measures and how to best help protect people and their property
  • New confidence and belief in your ability to advise on and deploy flood resilience measures
  • As climate changes creates ever more frequent extreme weather problems, our course ensures you are at the very forefront flood resistance best practice and methodology
  • Demonstrate to employers and clients that your flood resilience skills have been ratified by the industry watchdog and trade body – the Property Care Association.
Summary: Dates and fees
Duration:Two days
When:Dates to be confirmed
Fees:Members: £380+ VAT, non-members: £490+ VAT

Please note that there are a limited number of places on each training course and places can only be reserved with full payment.  Please check back here for additional dates as they are announced.

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