COVID-19: Uncertain times for now

If Brexit took us into “uncharted territory”, COVID-19 has taken us into another world.

The welfare and safety of our loved ones and co-workers is the principal reason for the decisions being imposed on every citizen and business in Europe today by governments. The business and financial consequences of the Coronavirus and the damage to the companies we have all nurtured for years, are now secondary considerations. That said, when this is over you will be more important to the economy and workers than ever before.

PCA team are here for members

Your team at the PCA remains highly focused on working for members and have taken every possible measure to secure its capacity to provide service and value.

Today’s message is principally aimed at providing all members with information in an easily accessible form and to let you know we are working for you.

As we move forward we are considering all the ways that we might assist you, trying to understand and guide members to the support that is starting to come from government, providing options for learning and, doing everything we can do to prepare for the opportunities that will inevitably come as this crisis ends.

PCA cares about you and your businesses

Your Association continues to work for you, we are all available on the phone and we are answering your messages. Work continues on technical and promotional projects. We have a plan to work through this and we retain the means to deliver results for you.

The next few months look like being incredibly difficult for everyone so don’t hesitate to get in touch, even if it’s just for a chat and an opportunity to share your worries with people who care about you and your businesses.

We are all in this together and we need to help each other through.

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