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The Government backed Green Homes Grant scheme will launch in September 2020 with the stated intention of creating more than 100,000 jobs and kickstarting the economy.

Your Association is using its resources to help you, understand the scheme. These webpages have been created in order to protect consumers, and help you realise the opportunities it presents. We want you to be able to deliver the best information to clients and customers to allow them to make the most of their energy saving installation grant.      

What does the scheme do for PCA members?

What services can pca members provide - green homes grantFor the majority of our PCA members, your services do not fall directly under the primary list of energy saving measures covered by the grant.

HOWEVER, the Government has revealed that certain auxiliary services to facilitate these core installations will be covered by the grant! These include:

  • Damp specialist treatment
  • Essential structural repair services
  • Pre-installation & condition surveys
  • Essential passive ventilation fitting 
  • Air tightness tests

For PCA members, we see this as an opportunity for you! To find out more about the services and opportunities the scheme presents, take a look at our dedicated page by clicking the button below.

More on services you can provide >>

Am I qualified to work on Green Homes Grant projects?

The good news for all PCA members is that YES, the PCA is an approved scheme operator and all our contractors are listed on the TrustMark directory.Check your Trustmark and PCA listings - Green Homes Grant

The Government has insisted that in order for a contractor quote to qualify under the Green Homes Grant scheme, you have to be accredited by their TrustMark scheme. As a PCA member, you are already enrolled and qualified as a recognised TrustMark member.

For all PCA members, we would advise that you ensure your PCA and TrustMark credentials and information is up-to-date. Simply visit the PCA website and review your listing information within the member search. In addition, check out the TrustMark website contractor search too.

More about your PCA & Trustmark Info >>

What advice can I give to clients?

This is an exciting opportunity not only for PCA members, but for your private landlords and homeowner customers who have the chance to install energy saving measures at an enormous discount. Whilst we support the scheme and encourage homeowners to take part, it is also our responsibility to highlight to homeowners to proceed with caution.

As many PCA members will remember, we have been in this position before. We have to learn from the mistakes of previous schemes and inform both contractors and homeowners alike that there is no value, and potential consequences, in a hastily completed retrofit insulation works without the appropriate inspections and checks to even establish if a home is ‘fit and right‘ for the retrofit insulation measures! “Fabric first” and “no insulation without ventilation” are phrases that emerged from the disasters of previous grant schemes.

Gov encouragement to ‘do it right’!

Applying insulation to damp properties and without regard to future air quality leads to significant and very hard to treat problems down the line. The Government have recognised this and are directing consumers and insulation contractors to fix problems first.

Lets not ‘paper over the cracks‘! Let’s ensure we all do it RIGHT together this time and that we do not leave homeowners with future and long-term damp, rot and mould issues.   

As more information is released about the Green Homes Grant’ scheme, we will endeavour to keep PCA members updated on how to advise clients & homeowners. In the meantime if you have a client/homeowner right now that would like to apply for their vouchers, then you can direct them to the Simple Energy Advice website once they have a quote from a listed supplier.

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