Flood Restoration

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When dealing with buildings that have been affected by flooding it is important to understand the impact and implications of the water on the fabric of the building, as well as the long term implications of the repairs needed.

Too often repairs to flood affected buildings are undertaken by general builders with little or no understanding of the long term effect that can be expected when buildings get wet.

Members of the Property Care Association Flood Remediation Group are specialists when it comes to flood restoration and repairing buildings affected by water ingress.  They can also advise on and offer Flood Defence Systems.

As part of its mission to raise standards across the sectors it represents, the PCA has developed dedicated training for those involved in the property flood resilience survey process.

Members of the group can offer the following services:

1. Assist in the recovery of a building
2. Provide effective repair and reinstatement solutions to buildings affected by floodwater
3. Providing refurbishment and repair solutions can introduce greater long term resilience to future flood water ingress
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Members of the PCA flood remediation group are:-
Skilled surveyors, consultants and contractors who understand dampness in buildings and who have the equipment, skills and connections to provide drying advice, undertake diagnostic investigations and complete effective repairs.
Experienced contractors who understand how to repair buildings that have been affected by water ingress.
Specialists who understand how to keep structures free from water and whose experience, coupled with innovative products and tried and trusted techniques, can repair and protect structures from the long term effects of water.
Members of a well established and respected Trade Association that understands and supports its members with technical advice and guidance.Flood restoration

In summary, members of the PCA Flood Remediation Group can be called upon to provide high quality flood remediation works, as well as advice and guidance with drying the building and preventing decay following a flood. Where buildings are affected by other forms of contamination introduced by flood water the services of a specialist in decontamination will be required.

Know your Flood Risk Campaign – Flood Recovery guide, is a step-by-step guide to everything you need to know in the event that your property is flooded.

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