Our Joint Venture – Moisture and its effects on traditional buildings

Property Care Association members are at the forefront of a new initiative that will set them as the only people fit to deliver damp diagnostics in traditional buildings.

At the very beginning of 2019, the Property Care Association was asked to attend a meeting with Historic England, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and UK Finance. That initial meeting was ‘pretty spicy’ when individuals accused the Property Care Association of mandating and supporting the desecration of historically important buildings however, we fought our corner and prevailed.

Despite the efforts to undermine the PCA as a credible partner, a core group emerged to start work on a new agreed text. The result is a NEW document that ‘might‘ just set the standard of knowledge expected of anyone surveying a “traditionally” constructed building affected by moisture and damp.

DOWNLOAD: – Moisture & its Effects on Traditional Buildings >>


Adopting this methodology on moisture & traditional buildings

The methodology still needs to be tidied up, but for the removal of any doubt, the Property Care Association is the only organisation that has or indeed can, provided a voluntary undertaking to adopt this methodology into the normal operating expectation of its membership by 2020. Even though almost every element of the new methodology is already required knowledge for PCA members (as demonstrated by our CSTDB syllabus), we will use 2020 to inform and roll out the methodology to members with compliance promised from January 2021.

For PCA Members – Methodology within easy reach

During the coming year, the Property Care Association will be holding free tutorials for members, create information papers and post online podcasts and blogs in order to ensure that every member understands how to work to and respect the scope of the joint methodology.

For all our PCA members, we know that full compliance with the paper is within easy reach. Many of you already exceed the scope of the document in their everyday work. For others, some work on understanding the need for reports that give options and explain the diagnostic process will be required. Things that will be increasingly important to demonstrate when you are next audited.

Historic collaboration – New traditional building standard!

For the first time ever, all four Heritage protection organisations of the United Kingdom along with the Property Care Association and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors have publicly backed one document that describes the knowledge needed to investigate dampness in older buildings. Property Care Association members will soon be the only surveyors and contractors who can claim that they are being measured against this methodology! Your early adoption will deliver a fantastic advantage to your business and your Association.

Its YOU that’s made this possible!

Above all else, this initiative has only been possible because PCA members have invested in themselves and backed standards that set them apart from the rest of the field. These are the inevitable rewards that come from demonstrating your belief in the need to deliver quality through technical expertise, skill and care.

There will be a great deal more on this as we move forward but for an early look at the draft document, click on the button below.

DOWNLOAD: – Moisture & its Effects on Traditional Buildings >> >>

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