The long-awaited report from CITB...or is it?

After a year of chasing, letter writing and constant ‘knocking on the door’; the long-awaited report to assess the impact of the CITB policy changes on members of the PCA is finally here.



The report that looks into training funds for PCA members

The report within the button above has been prepared by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) as a result of approaches made by the Property Care Association (PCA) in 2018. We became aware that members of the Association were seeing significantly smaller grant awards that seemed to be the result of the procedural and administrative changes introduced by CITB. After pointing this out in a reasonably robust and insistent way, CITB agreed to second a member of their staff to the association to investigate the effects of their changes.

The long-awaited report…or is it?

Though the report has taken some time to produce we are pleased that it now accurately reflects the impact of CITB’s decisions and policy. This despite CITB’s last minute attempts to change the wording without consultation or reference to us. We have two versions of the report – we have published the one that as agreed upon (found via the download buttons above and below).

Does CITB represent value for money?

Based on our conversation and the report, It is clear that CITB no longer represents value for money to even the most connected and committed PCA member employers. Though CITB have expressed a commitment to try and work to improve this situation we see very little chance of regaining the levels of grant that were paid to PCA members before CITB changed its policies.

Should CITB be disbanded?

It is now our view that CITB are effectively reducing the amount of money available to small and medium sized specialist construction companies. As such they should be considered not fit for purpose and should either be disbanded or remove specialist SMEs from the scope of levy.

Will we get a meeting with the CITB Board?

Off the back of this report we have been promised a meeting with a member of the CITB board. We promise to make robust representations on behalf of members if and when this meeting takes place.

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