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Maintenance checks for floors, windows and doors

As we cozy up with blankets, stoke the fire, and turn up the heating, today's #MaintenanceWeek blog focuses on tips and checks around your windows, doors, and floors.

Recommended maintenance checks can significantly impact how well your home weathers the winter months. In the guide below, we'll concentrate on essential checks for your floors, windows, and doors to ensure a warm, energy-efficient, and secure living space while minimising unwanted problems.

Our maintenance tips for your floors, doors and windows

Maintenance tips for Windows:

Examine Window Seals:
Check the seals around your windows for cracks or gaps. Use caulk to seal any openings, ensuring that warm air stays inside and cold air stays out. This not only keeps your home warmer but also reduces energy consumption.

Install Energy-Efficient Window Coverings:
Consider investing in thermal curtains or blinds to add an extra layer of insulation to your windows. These coverings help retain heat, making your home more energy-efficient and comfortable during the winter months.

Clean and Inspect Window Panes:
Clean both the interior and exterior of your window panes to maximize sunlight penetration. Inspect windows for any damage or condensation between panes, as this may indicate a need for replacement. Also look at the window frames from water damage and rot.

Window Maintenance checks - 1    Window Maintenance checks - 2

Maintenance tips for doors:

Check for Drafts:
Inspect the areas around your doors for drafts. Replace weatherstripping if it's worn or damaged, and ensure that the threshold is properly sealed. A draft-free door contributes significantly to maintaining a cozy indoor atmosphere.

Upgrade Door Seals:
Upgrade door seals to prevent heat loss. High-quality seals around doors ensure a tight fit, minimising the exchange of indoor and outdoor air. This is especially important for exterior doors leading to unheated areas, such as garages or basements.

Lubricate Hinges and Locks:
Cold weather can cause hinges and locks to stiffen. Lubricate these moving parts with a silicone-based lubricant to ensure smooth operation. Well-maintained door hardware not only enhances security but also prevents unnecessary wear and tear.

Door Maintenance checks - 1    Door Maintenance checks - 1

Maintenance tips for floors:

Inspect and Repair Flooring:
Begin by examining your floors for any signs of wear, gaps, or damage. Repair or replace damaged floorboards or tiles to prevent cold drafts from seeping into your home. This not only helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, but also prolongs the life of your flooring.

Check and Seal Gaps:
Cold air can easily penetrate through gaps in your flooring. Seal any visible gaps with appropriate floor sealant or weatherstripping. This not only prevents drafts but also contributes to energy efficiency, saving on heating costs.

Invest in Area Rugs and Draft Stoppers:
Place area rugs strategically in rooms to add an extra layer of insulation. Additionally, use draft stoppers at the base of doors to prevent cold air from creeping in. These simple additions can make a noticeable difference in maintaining a warmer indoor environment.

Floor Maintenance checks - 2    FloorMaintenancechecks-1

Small steps can make a big difference…

By dedicating some time to these maintenance checks for your floors, windows, and doors, you'll not only create a more comfortable living space during the winter, but also contribute to the overall efficiency and longevity of your home. Winter preparedness is a key investment in the well-being of your home and your overall comfort inside it. Some small efforts and TLC can make a big difference.

Concerned? People who can help you

As with all our tips this week, everything listed above is something you can do with a little bit of 'elbow grease.' However, if you are concerned and not confident in addressing any of the maintenance checks above, there are organisations and websites that can help you find local and qualified professionals.

For replacing seals or finding window cleaners, most general tradesmen can assist, and you can find local tradespeople near you using websites such as 'Check-a-trade.' When it comes to replacing damaged floorboards, you can find qualified and vetted joiners via the 'British Woodworking Federation' (BWF).

More tips and advice during the week

Look our more maintenance tips, guidance and information coming out during the week as part of our support for #MaintenanceWeek 2024. Keep an eye on our news section of our website and our social channels for more posts to come…

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