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What the Structural Waterproofing Group has been up to in 2014

The Property Care Association (PCA) has evolved to cover several sectors of membership. The PCA excel in bringing experts from industries together, to form working groups to help drive the whole sector forward. One of our longest running groups is the Structural Waterproofing Group. This year the group has been extremely active, organising wider industry forums, which were so well attended we needed a bigger venue! Working with NHBC on new waterproofing standards, updating CSSW examination questions and reviewing the training course for 2015 and the development of several new guidance documents. Please see an update on all their work below:

Structural Waterproofing Group (SWG) Steering Group Membership and New Recruits

The purpose of the SWG steering group is policy and strategy of the Structural Waterproofing Sector. Membership of the SWG Steering Group is open to all Contractor, Surveyor and Manufacturer members of PCA with an interest in structural waterproofing – but with a commitment to attend meetings and participate in policy and strategy groups. The SWG Steering Group is always interested in welcoming new members – especially from the Contracting Sector.

Please contact Mike Bromley on [email protected] or phone PCA if you would like more information.

Waterproof Industry Forum Meeting held 29 June 2014 - feedback

PCA held a very successful Structural Waterproofing Industry Forum meeting on the 19 June 2014, this provided an excellent opportunity for the waterproofing industry to get together and be updated on relevant industry issues.

PCA’s Steve Hodgson gave an update on the PCA achievements and plans for the next 12 months. This included working with NHBC in creating their new Waterproofing standard. The future of the PCA Structural Waterproofing training and changes and development of the CSSW qualification. The new work in creating good practice guidance, on Types A, B & C.

George Swann, Training Developer from CITB discussed National Occupational Standards, qualifications on Waterproofing and the current revision of the sub-structure standard.

Rob Withers of ASUC talked about ASUC’s achievements and ambitions and the role of underpinning in structural waterproofing. He also gave a very informative summary of the current London Basement Debate, especially the Planning policy of The London Borough of Kensington relating to basement works.

Roy Jones of Technical for Concrete Limited gave an informative talk on the important role of concrete in waterproofing.

Alan Tovey from The Basement Information Centre (TBIC) discussed the role of TBIC and their new Guidance Document.

Paul Cribbens from the NHBC gave an excellent insight into the role of NHBC and specifically an update on the NHBC’s new Waterproofing standard which follows on from their report on basement failure claims last year.

With over 60 people attending, it was moved to a larger venue. There was a high proportion of Waterproofing Contractor, Surveyor and Manufacturer PCA members in attendance and also representatives from NHBC, Visqueen, RIW, Grace, Pudlo and Mapei. The feedback from those attending on the day and subsequent emails received was very positive.

The SWG is planning its next Forum meeting to be held in Feb/March 2015.

CSSW Examinations

The Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing Examination (CSSW) continues in its existing format. There is an on-going need to update and refresh the question bank and six new questions were added to the question bank in 2014. All remain within the CSSW syllabus scope and recognising BS 8102: 2009 standard. The June CSSW examination included 2 new questions and the intention is that remaining 2014 CSSW exam papers will also accommodate 2 new questions each until all six questions have been attempted.

The SWG exam working group will start in 2015 on new exam questions. Questions can be sourced from the NHBC Basement Standard, new Type A, B & C Guidance Notes and based on Pumping/Drainage Systems – all within the scope of the existing CSSW syllabus.

NHBC Basement Campaign/New Standard

The NHBC task group formed to produce their new Basement Standard has completed the document which is to be published in early November, subject to final ‘sign off’ from NHBC Standards Committee.

NHBC has recognised the PCA CSSW Qualification within the standard for Waterproofing Design Specialist competence stating “The PCA CSSW qualification offers an industry recognised benchmark of competence. This route will be the primary means of demonstrating competence, however other routes may be acceptable subject to agreement with NHBC. Although each application will be considered on its own merits, NHBC will expect applicants to hold a suitable qualification in a related discipline and have appropriate knowledge and experience of designing below ground waterproofing schemes together with a suitable level of PI cover”.

NHBC thanked all Task Group members for their help and contributions that included from PCA: Steve Hodgson, Mike Bromley, David Symes (Delta), John Eustace (Sika), David Bucknell (John Newton), Kevin Dodds (Triton) also Martin Radford of RIW and John Musty of Visqueen who are involved with PCA Technical Group.

Technical Committee - Guidance Document Progress

Type A & Type B Technical Guidance Documents

Both Type A and Type B documents have now reached final draft stages thanks to contributions from working party members and composition work and editing by: Michael Earle for Type A document and Roy Jones for Type B document.

Both documents have been distributed to members of the working groups for final comment. Additional diagrams and photographs have still to be sourced for both documents. There will be final editing before the public consultation stage. It is anticipated that the documents will be completed by November.

Type C Technical Guidance Document

The drafting of the Type C guidance document was delayed allowing for the Type A & B documents to achieve final draft stages. The Type C document will use the current base format of Type A & B as the framework and adopt parts of the PCA Code of Practice for Remedial Waterproofing of Structures below Ground (2008) for technical content. It has also been decided to integrate a Guidance Note on Pumps, Pumping Systems, Capacity, Battery Back-up, Emergency back-up Generators and understanding of Drainage Systems – all are fundamental to Type C systems.

Training - the future?

Pump and Drainage Training

Proposed 1 day training course to cover all aspects of pumps, battery back-up and drainage which should be considered for 2015.

Technician Training and Certification

PCA intend to look into training and certification for technicians in the Structural Waterproofing Industry probably working alongside manufacturers who currently train technicians on products and installation. The PCA can offer accreditation for training schemes and could also consider introducing a theory test certification scheme (as Remedial Technicians Course test).



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