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Why attend a Regional Meeting?

Why attend a Regional Meeting?

The regional meetings are a cornerstone of the Associations’ calendar and whilst they may not deliver the glitz and glamour of the larger conferences, they have certainly become events in their own right and are not to be missed.

In recent years almost all the venues for the regional meetings have changed as we have grown, which more accurately reflect the ambitions of the Association. This Autumn sees two new venues replacing those for the Midlands and the North.

Regional Meetings 2019


All PCA members welcome

It is no accident that we have been deliberate in creating an atmosphere where everybody is welcome, well, as long as you are a PCA member! They are a platform for learning and development and we actively encourage all members to come along, even if you have not been to a meeting before you will be welcomed with open arms.


What can you expect this Autumn?

This next round of regional meetings is nearly upon us and whilst I may be a little biased, I genuinely believe we have some cracking speakers lined up for you! And what’s more, these events are completely FREE for PCA members – what’s not to like?

As always, we will provide you with an update on all the latest news, projects and initiatives from your Association. We are extremely keen to ensure this section is as interactive as possible to inspire input on the direction of the Association.


This could be the most important talk you will hear

For the past couple of years, I have been keen to cover the topic of mental health awareness and our first guest speaker may genuinely deliver the most important presentation you will ever hear. Talking about mental health has perhaps been one of the greatest taboos in the construction industry and thankfully that seems to be changing, but perhaps not quickly enough. Russell Mott will provide an official BMH Bronze Toolbox Talk designed to promote awareness and help organisations build a successful mental health culture into the workplace. As I said, this could be the most important talk you will ever hear…


Critical to understand all forms of dampness in buildings

Our second guest speaker is Jamie Nash, Leak Detection Director at Polygon. We have made no secret about our belief that our industry is changing and there is now both an urgency and an expectancy for surveyors to have a greater understanding of all forms of dampness in the built environment. Jamie will be talking about his experience of moisture diagnosis within the leak detection industry and will be looking at methods such as acoustic testing, thermal imaging surveys and tracer gas testing.


We hope it’s our biggest and best round of Regionals

Whilst these events provide a great platform for learning and development, we have tried to make these events about so much more than just ticking the box for a few CPD points. They really do provide a fantastic opportunity to network with others across industry.

We hope this round of meetings will be our biggest and best yet and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Regional Meetings 2019


Get in Touch

Contact James Berry on [email protected] to confirm your attendance and/or for further information.


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