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It seems there is a growing trend to create additional space in our homes, following the pandemic and the problems this has created. Depending on whether you need the space to accommodate long term home-working, an area for family time, exercising, or an extra bedroom – it seems this solution could literally be right under your feet!

As more and more people look at making the most of the available space in their homes, that unused basement or area sitting just below the surface could present the perfect opportunity – and be the cost-effective solution you’re looking for!

Specialists in underground waterproofing

A warm, dry basement provides endless options and could be the answer to your property extension needs. So if you want to create a home gym, music room or den, then PCA members who specialise in underground waterproofing are best placed to ensure that a previously unusable part of the home can become a welcoming and habitable space.

Waterproofing rooms which are below ground, sometimes known as ‘tanking’, is highly specialised and needs to be undertaken by contractors and designers with the required levels of skill, understanding and experience.

Avoid poor workmanship and inadequate design

A basement conversion can be an incredible addition to your home, but inadequate design or poor workmanship can be very costly. Understanding the pitfalls and appointing trained specialists and trusted professionals, will pay dividends and avoid those costly problems further down the line.

PCA members have the necessary skills to undertake these works and are required to demonstrate their competence by gaining the Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW) qualification. Members of the PCA will consider the nature of the building alongside your design requirements to ensure the best method of waterproofing is chosen and implemented to the highest standard.

A basement renovation, undertaken by qualified professionals, has huge potential to improve your home – and it could be lying just beneath your feet…

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