Covid-19: As we enter into another national lockdown

Following the announcement from the UK & Scottish Government Monday evening, we want to give greater clarity to our members regarding the current guidelines as we head into another national lockdown.

We understand that it can all feel very overwhelming again. What has changed exactly and where can I find the latest advice?

Whilst it remains that you ‘may only leave your home for work if you cannot reasonably work from home’, for our members who cannot work from home they can continue to travel to their workplace.

Working in People’s Homes

To a certain degree, for a lot of the UK this is unchanged and the UK Government has confirmed ‘where it is necessary for you to work in other people’s homes – for example, tradespeople – you can do so’. This is some good news for our PCA members who can continue working during the coming weeks and months.

For England, the ‘Guidance for working in people’s homes’ is clear and there are steps outlined to ensure that everyone adheres to the guidance in keeping everyone safe.

What’s the advice for members in Scotland & Wales?

In Scotland the national lockdown remains in place until the 31st January 2021. For PCA members (and other tradespeople) in Scotland, you should only go into a house to carry out or deliver essential work or services, for example to carry out repairs and maintenance that would otherwise threaten the household’s health and safety.

Construction and outdoor sites can also remain open and for PCA members who this applies to, you should plan for the minimum number of people needed on site to operate safely and effectively in accordance with Government guidelines. More information can be accessed via the button below:

Scottish Guidance >>

Wales: The Welsh Government has confirmed that tradespeople can continue to work in other people’s homes as long as it is managed in a safe way, and must take all reasonable measures to ensure to mitigate the risk of coronavirus spreading when working in other people’s households. This will be reviewed on 8th January 2021, but in the meantime you can access the latest guidance via the button below:

Welsh Guidance >>

Work safe and follow our PCA Guidance

For those PCA members who have not seen the PCA guidance or for those who want a reminder on how to work safer in people’s homes, there are a number of PCA documents which complements Government guidance for both Surveyors and Technicians. To view them, click on the links below:

It goes without saying that if it doesn’t feel right or a customer is not following the guidance on safety rules, then it’s ok to walk away.

Additional Help and Advice for you

There is a wealth of information which can be accessed via the Government website. Members can also remind themselves of the financial help and guidance available, which includes:

Additional Guidance >>

Supporting our Members

We are here for our members, so please, if you need any help or advice please give us a call on 01480 400000.

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