1st Ground Gas Protection in Buildings Meeting

The PCA was delighted to host the first-ever meeting focused on Ground Gas Protection in Buildings’ earlier this week.

Delighted with the response to the ‘first-ever’ meeting

The supportive and engaging response from the members and invited guests who attended, reinforced the Associations’ mandate to develop trade association representation in this specialist and highly skilled discipline. As a result of highly constructive conversations, the following tasks we set in motion:

  • Drafting of criteria for membership for Contractors, Manufacturers, Verifiers and Consultants
  • Creation of an industry Code of Practice and supporting Technical Notes
  • The development of structured training and qualifications
  • Planning and organising promotions

Steve Hodgson, PCA Chief Executive, commented: “The ground gas protection industry clearly understands the benefit of collective working to improve outcomes. This was demonstrated with contractors, product suppliers and verifiers working together and in doing so demonstrating their ability to create the mechanisms and processes that will facilitate and promote quality and dependability and, secure and enhance the reputation of the professional ground gas protection industry.”

Get involved in the next Ground Gas Protection meeting

If you were unable to attend this meeting and would like to be included in further meetings then please email sue@property-care.org. We anticipate there may need to be another meeting before the end of the year. Minutes from the meeting will be available shortly.

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