An International Autumn

September is always a big month for the Association as meetings, training and regional events start to gather momentum after the holiday season, but this year it has increased significantly with a number of very high profile invitations drawing on the PCA team to represent the Association at three international events.

The international events coming up…

Later this month we are showcasing the great work of PCA members at an event in Dublin and Peter Fitzsimons travels to Prague to talk about the success that PCA members have had in professionalising non-native invasive weed management in the UK.

However, the first of our international engagements is this week in Bari, Italy. It is the finale to the joint work between University College London and the PCA. Paula Lopez-Arce (PCA’s Materials Research Scientist) has now written up the work that was facilitated and supported by members. Our application to present at this prestigious event was accepted by the conference committee and will be presented at X IAQVEC 2019 later this week.

The paper delivered by Paula carries the title, Novel methodology for the diagnosis of the causes associated with mould growth in dwellings. The research project was funded by government grants through Innovate UK, with cash and support coming from the PCA.

Promoting the international expertise of our members

Increasing the reputation and visibility of the Association assists us in the task of representing the interests of members at the highest possible levels.

We are constantly challenged in a world where a tiny number of very vocal idiots with their own agenda deny the existence of rising damp! Events such as the ones we will be attending through September give every member the credibility and authority to dismiss these misinformed zealots with the same distain as those that believe the earth is flat!

Updates coming your way soon!

We will post reviews, updates and links to our soon to be published academic papers as the events take place. Please be assured that wherever we are, PCA staff remain focused on representing and promoting the interests and technical expertise of our members.

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