UKCMB invite to the PCA to get involved

We are delighted to be able to report that the working groups attached to the UKCMB are now beginning to start work again.

The slow start of this organisation and its associated projects was in part the result the tragic loss of our friend and colleague Neil May late last year. Despite the tragedy of his death, University College London (UCL) and a number of key stakeholders have continued to hold the project together and are now beginning to plan for the future.

UKCMB Invite to get the PCA involved

We were pleased to be asked to attend a meeting of ‘Working Group 4’ last Friday afternoon at UCL and even more please that we will be working as part of a small working group where we can apply our knowledge and understanding to assist in producing cross-disciplinary guidance that will be developed with industry and academia working collaboratively.

The 1st of the UKCMB projects

The first three projects for ‘technical workgroup 4’ (retrofit insulation) to consider are:-

  • Best practice for pre-retrofit condition survey
  • Mapping exercise of existing moisture guidance
  • Timbers in walls & potential invasive investigation

We are very pleased that the PCA has been asked to lead on the first ‘Working Group’ and have a very keen interest in the development of the work all three of these interesting areas of operation.

The UKCMB’s 1st Conference

We also learned at the meeting that UKCMB are planning their first conference for the 5th November 2019. The event will be in part academic with contributions from the industry and will be focused on ‘all things Damp’! Hosted in BREs building in Watford, the PCA will hopefully be represented and reflected on well at the event.

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