Hygroscopic Salts and Rising Dampness – Guidance Document

The Hygroscopic Salts and Rising Dampness Guidance Document deals with the problem of salts, the concentration and accumulation within walls. When dampness has been rising in a wall for some time, the soluble salts contained in the ground become concentrated where the water evaporates.

These deposits of salts can absorb water directly from the air to such an extent that the wall can become visibly wet. This dampness effect is usually referred to as “hygroscopic” dampness.

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Key Takeaways from Hygroscopic Salts and Rising Dampness

  • The accumulation and problem with salts
  • The types of salts which cause rising dampness
  • The moisture content of a wall affected by rising dampness
  • Other sources of salt contamination and failures with re-plastering

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